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The next Apple Event, leaked by Siri

In case you missed it, Siri leaked the date for the next Apple event even before the invites went out to the press. Not much later, the tweets started streaming in from the press members that Apple officially invited them to the “Spring Loaded” event on the 20th of April, 2021.

Now, what to expect from next week's event?

So what does the California-based company have to present to us next week? Will it be something completely new? Maybe it’s some refinements to industry-standard products that we have loved using for years.

iPads, most likely.

The iPad lineup is most likely to see some new products being launched next week…

A quick brainstorm about their latest product.

By now, we all have probably heard of the new AirTags that Apple released just a couple of weeks ago. These little discs, the size of a commemorative coin, are lifesavers when you lose- or want to keep track of your belongings.

Now, while the idea of them is most certainly not new, think of companies like tile that have had these types of trackers for a long time. It shows how powerful the network of Apple’s users is at anonymously finding things.

We know the AirTags are excellent at keeping track of your things, but now I want to…

This article is a little list of feedback for Spotify.

You might have heard that Spotify is going all-in on podcasts lately and wants to be the only audio app you use pretty much. They have acquired platforms like Anchor and a couple of podcast networks. But even though they might soon own a bunch of the content, they have a couple of (minor) kinks they need to iron out on the software end of this play.

1. Make the video player better.

Now I will cut them some slack since they are not a video platform. But the undeniable truth is that many podcasts out…

Should Google be telling everyone?

In July, Google’s Project Zero found a significant vulnerability in Github’s CI/CD service, Github Actions. It seems there is a potential for unwanted execution of remote code because of the fundamental way Actions work.

Project Zero notified Github back in July when Felix Wilhelm, a member of the research team, discovered the system's flaw. Then they gave Github a 90-day deadline before going public with the matter.

Project Zero disclosed:

“As the runner process parses every line printed to STDOUT looking for workflow commands, every Github action that prints untrusted content as part of its execution is vulnerable. …

Since macOS Catalina, it’s been possible to authenticate more things using just a double tap on your Apple Watch. With the release of Big Sur coming soon, this will only increase. They are integrating this feature even more throughout the entirety of macOS, which is excellent!

I’ve noticed more and more password entering screens have been replaced with a gentle tap on my wrist, prompting me to double-tap a button to authenticate. It’s great to see Apple integrate all their devices even more and in the right way.

While Apple has thought of a lot, they didn’t think of everything…

Hi, my name is Luca, and I’m a bit crazy. Because I make apps and give Apple 30% of all my earnings, since those are the rules, right.

This is an opinionated article about the App Store guidelines and the in-app purchase system written by an app developer. As many facts as possible support it, but there might still be some bias.

Let’s begin with the inspiration for this article…

An Epic Saga about Epic Games.

As you might have heard, Epic Games decided to launch a new payment system for their game Fortnite. Their new system would circumvent Apple’s in-app purchases entirely. …

Luca Silverentand

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